Being human in a digital world

Bringing emotional cues into VR via the measurement of electrical signals, Mask is a key step in creating truly immersive digital experiences. A VR head-mounted display upgrade, it operates by detecting a user’s biosignals, rather than muscular movements. As such, it perfectly synchronises an avatar’s facial expression with that of the user, humanising interactions in virtual reality.

We are currently working with an array of industry leading computing and gaming companies to bring this, quite literally, game-changing technology to the mass market. Combine it with Gait Up’s movement analysis capabilities and the virtual world has the potential to become a lot more real, changing the industry forever more.

“In the real world, emotional expression is a key part of communication and how we interpret situations. Bringing these visual cues into VR in real time, we can make these virtual worlds more real, and more social.”
Robert Leeb, Head of Biosignals, MindMaze

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