A hub of advanced neuroscience, deep tech and innovative engineering, MindMaze Labs’ mission is to improve every aspect of life. By decoding the brain and harnessing its power, our neuro-technology will be the foundation upon which the next generation of human-machine interfaces is built.

Exploring the multimodal harmony in neuroscience, computation, analogue, AI, robotics, computer vision, and engineering, we will transform multiple industries and bring shared control between humans and machines.

Safety and performance in transportation. Enhanced training regimes in sports. Fully immersive gaming. A universal solution for brain health. There’s no limit to what we can facilitate and empower.

The CogniChip platform is our largest ambition. An operating system that replicates the multimodal synchronization of all sensory inputs the brain experiences, it will serve as the nucleus of all brain inspired computing platforms – reimagining our relationship with technology.

With each project, we take another step towards realising our vision for a human-centric approach to technology.