Bringing the digital and physical worlds closer

Initially developed as a medical device, Elvira is a pioneering step towards bringing neuro-powered immersive mixed reality to gaming. Harnessing our proprietary neurotechnology engine, the headset predicts players’ intent via neurological readings and coordinates this with tracked body movements to bridge the gap between the virtual and physical worlds.

As well as elevating traditional gaming to a new more immersive reality, this technology has numerous other potential uses. Within gaming, the ability to read physiological metrics lends itself to wellness focused games and apps to promote relaxation and mindfulness. Or hands-free controllers. While, going back to its healthcare origins, its ability to assess brain reaction time could be utilised in training for roles where every millisecond counts, such as pilots and sportspeople

“To be the first company to deliver a true mixed reality device is a huge achievement and testament to the breadth of expertise across our business. Every discovery we make is bringing the virtual and physical worlds closer together.”
Tej Tadi, Founder, MindMaze

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